Mind ReaderĀ 

Eli (5 year old son) wanted to go out of bed for water- told him water and BED!

After 5 minutes I went to the kitchen and found him slowly sipping his water.

This is our conversation: 

Me:  “Eli time for bed”.
Eli: “Why did you come out?” 

Me: “You were taking too long and I knew you were going to play with the magnets”.

Eli: “No I wasn’t”. 

I looked him in the face

Me: “You wanted to take a long time drinking so I would forget about you and then you could play with the magnets.” 

His eyes bulged,

Eli: “how’d you know?????” 

Me: “I know everything.”

Eli: “What am I thinking now?”
I looked at him itching his bum 
Me: “You are going to ask to go poo.

He was just about to shake his head no when I cut him off.

Me: “Not right now, you will wait until I’m heading to bed and then you will go play with the magnets.”

His jaw dropped. 

Eli: “Mom? Are you a mind reader.” 

Me: Goodnight Eli 

And then I winked.