73/365- Grateful for Poem (Haiku) 

Health, wealth, happiness 

Not there yet, hope someday

Grateful any ways 


48/365- Grateful for Poem 

Grateful for the opportunity to be grateful every day 

Be at home to watch kids grow and even sit and play 

Although it is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do 

Nothing beats their milestones or  laughing over poo 

These are the days I’ll never get back so gratitude it is 

Even when rough and all I want to do is have a successful biz 

41/365- Grateful for Poem 

Grateful for …. not a lot… come on brain think of something. 

Searching….. searching…. empty. 

I had a really crappy day – hold on a minute.


Ah yes, here we go. 
Grateful the kids are sound asleep 

Not up yelling not even a peep 

No one died all thanks to me 

Ah wait- wrong- all thanks to whatever higher powers there be 

I’m working on myself – taking a while 

But at least I can muster, for the kids, a smile