How do you know when it is time to lose weight? 

A while back now- maybe a month ago my son 5 years old, asked me why I had two bums…. 

what do you mean two bums- apparently my back fat has gotten a bit out of control- guess that’s where the extra 6 strudels a day have gone. Out of sight out of mind. Apparently not enough out of sight. 

Today, let’s just say I’ve hopped (and probably broken) the lose weight band wagon- it’s come and gone and now I’ve taken the leap… without leaping- no one would want to see that. 

I’m a big girl- I’ve had three kids, and uhm I probably still am carrying all three plus some- I love me some strudel, pizza, burgers, fries….. and oat chocolate milk- about a liters worth a day.

Here’s how I ended up on this wagon.

My lovely three year old saw me naked- kind of hard not to I can’t bath, eat or sleep alone. 

The second she saw my double butts she turned to her 5 year old brother and said the following:

“OH MY GOD ELI, look at her BUTT – it’s like SOOOOOO BIG, it’s like OUT THERE.” 

And he chimed in.



So……that happened. 

I weighed myself and the scale said error- three times. I’ve exceeded the weight limit. So there is that. But the professional grade one states that I am 99kg….. I’m suppose to be 59kg. Yikes.


Camp Nanowrimo July 2017 – Progress Record (will continue updating) 

Goal: 12,000 words- keeping my daily writing habit alive 


Words written:


Words remaining: 

11, 723 

Favorite two lines of writing: 

Fire man or circus clown what about a vet 

Helping, hurt, animals or having your own pet 

July 8th 

Words Written: 


Words Remaining: 


Favorite two lines of writing: 

Goal setting for beginners, a teaching to be learned 

A tool you can acquire but mastery is earned